I paint and write my criticisms of contemporary culture and politics with the intention of archiving a late lifetime of protest to the disturbed manner in which we usher in the sixth extinction.

I am a relatively useful father and husband who relies on connections with others to make my living. I have maintained this practice for 28 years, although I made ends meet at an earlier time employed as a line cook in several restaurants in upstate New York. I believe the demands of the professional kitchen trained me to become the successful artist and homemaker I am today.

As a young father recently graduated from college I read to my daughter the The Bunny Book by Patsy and Richard Scarry, and I believe, subconsciously, acquired a philosophy for living the good life.

In it the authors espouse, probably for the first time ever in written history, the virtue of fatherhood as a vocation. It has taken nearly a lifetime for me to recognize the riches accumulated via this pursuit, both seen and more unseen.

As stay at home Dad, I nurtured hobbies such as painting and self-liberation writing, with hopes that either would stimulate an income at a future point, in order to free my wife from the repetitive grind of nine to five.

They have not.

And now both daughters have left the nest.

It is time for me to use my creative practice for relevance, some recognition, and a little bit of money. Knowing that fame and fortune is not in my star sign (nor yours if you have a sane head on your shoulders), I hope to make a very modest income from original creative work and Walt Whitman persistence. All money earned will be spent on paints, substrate and world travel until my demise on November 27, 2054.

Recently I have become an internationally known painter, showing work in Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia, and Liverpool and London England. I am a practitioner of the modern art movement called Stuckism. My paintings are colorful, lively, thinkable, and all priced at one silver dollar (plus shipping and handling). I have authored 18 original books and 2 group art exhibition publications promoting Stuckism.

You can find more about me at ronthroopartist.com.

I cannot get enough of expression. I am the art crazy old man at late mid-life.

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Painting and writing myself in and out of A-fib.


Painter and writer