Jun 21, 2022Liked by Ron Throop

We’ve been in BC, Canada since June 1. Flying home via Toronto tomorrow. I’m joining you in the anarchist club. So sick of gov’ts and borders. Freedom means the freedom to disobey, the freedom to move, and the freedom to make and change social relationships. All of these freedoms are being curtailed.

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Despite your multifarious and warranted disillusionments, dearest Ward of Rose, you are blessed to know what it means to be home.

I'm glad you and Rose are both safe and healthy, if not a bit worse for the wear.

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Exactly as you say. There’s a freedom to just thinking and feeling it. For me that is all that’s necessary. No joining clubs and societies of changemakers. One day I hope to become an immovable rock of non-compliance. Maybe when I’m a hundred:) It’s the duress that I cannot accept. I push it on no bureaucracy and no bureaucracy should push it on me.

Safe travels back to summer paradise! The Great lake awaits!

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